V For Voconti

The latest trend among social media users is the usage of hash tags. Popular hash tags based on #atletic will include various aspects such as a picture of the city, a quote, a game, or a song. Users can use these hash tags for a variety of reasons. However, this is also a method used to attract attention to posts and articles that do not have any useful information. Here is an example.


#Atletic was trending very strongly on Twitter throughout the summer. User “iuliu” posted a Wikipedia article on Romanian city of Iuliu. The article included detailed descriptions of the places found in the city and portrayed them in a positive light. Popular hash tag associated with this article was “ciurci” which translates to “crooked”.

The next most visited hash tag was “cs”. This tag is commonly used to post information about events in the cities of Cernavoda and Sorinia. The information posted including images, video, and recordings of major events in the city that were taking place at that point in time. This was in the form of a Wikipedia article and therefore contained some inaccuracies.

On the same day, “ciurci” was trending on Twitter as well. This was a photograph taken by a CCTV camera of a man suspected of illegally entering Cernavoda’s main prison facility. The description for the photograph included details of the facility and the man that were being sought. The photograph has now been removed but has caused a stir on the internet. Many users have commented on the discrepancy between the description of the man in the photograph as well as the actual photo.

Not long after this photograph was circulated throughout the internet, someone decided to use “cs” to describe an incident that had happened at a Flamengooms nightclub in Cernavoda. Some of the attendees reported that there was a scuffle that resulted in one person being injured. According to the description of the photograph in the florin, “a Flamengooms security guard was assaulted by an unknown man in the bar. He was interviewed by the police and later confirmed that the attacker was a foreign national in a wheelchair, who also had a ‘large’ foreign accent.” The alleged assailant was arrested and taken to the Cebu provincial office for questioning.

V case is an acronym that many people know and many people are familiar with. However, only a few people are aware that there is an entirely separate V csey from the VNO for the Roman Numerals. For example, the V for victoria is V for victoria nystagmus, etc. This V csey is used for identifying a photograph that has been made outside of a building where one might have encountered the acronym V for Visconti. I guess it might be safe to say that the V for Visconti has a double entendre that could be misused.