Women’s And Men’s Athletic Shorts Through Atletic


Women’s And Men’s Athletic Shorts Through Atletic

Atletic is a French-founded company that designs and manufactures sportswear. The brand started production in France in 1985 and has grown to include several European countries and the United States. The brand name was first used for casual wears and has expanded to be sold under several other brands. In its latest collection, the brand has produced an athletic wear called Atletic Jeans, which is made of high-quality cotton and finished with tweed at the cuff and waistband. A second line of athletic clothing includes the Atletic Apparel Jean for women. Both styles are abridged versions of the original line, offering athletic men and women more options and better style options.

Atletic’s athletic clothes line was originally created with a focus on providing sportswomen with clothing that was made for active sports like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and track events. The brand’s first athletic jean was released in 1986 and was the first “athletic” jean in existence, offering athletes a low-rise waistband and roomy fit. The original edition of Atletic Jeans remains a favorite today among sportswomen looking for an abridged version of this classic Jean.

The Atletic Pants brand offers athletic men and women the option of purchasing jeans that have undergone the same attention to detail as the original pants. Available in both long and short styles, these jeans come with a pre-distressed finish and are made of high-quality fabric, including genuine sheepskin. The brand’s second year model, the Atletic Denim Jean, offers the same comfort and quality in a shorter cut, with a pre-distressed finish and tighter fit. A second year Atletic Denim Jean is also available, offering sportswomen a tighter fit and a more refined look without the pre-distressing.

Atletic also makes athletic shorts for men and women that follow the same tailored cuts as the jeans. The first year models offer sportswomen a chance to celebrate their athletic bodies without sacrificing their style, thanks to the stretchable fit and athletic trim. The latest model, the Atletic Teamster Jeans, offers a longer length with a full-length pocket and graphic stripe on the side. Men’s athletic shorts include a blend of the sportswoman’s comfort with a sophisticated cut, including pockets, hook and eye closures and comfortable mid-thigh cut.

For the ultimate in comfort, many customers prefer the Atletic Capri pants, offering a snug fit and traditional stretch feel. Offering the same comfort as other major brands’ athletic shorts, the Capri line includes a slimming and refocusing design to help you feel even better about your look. Both men’s and women’s versions of the Capri line include a long-sleeved, cap-toed zip up design that allows the individualized fit and convenience of an on-the-go uniform. A year later, the company launched the Atletic Powerpants, offering a slimming fit and an athletic trimming fit that include compression for added support. Men’s athletic wear through Atletic is now offered by a host of manufacturers, including New Balance, Nike and Adidas.

Offering a full selection of sportswear apparel through Atletic, clients can select any type of sportswear from head to toe. From protective gear to casual and trendy apparel, athletic apparel is designed to make any athlete look his or her best. With its wide range of athletic shorts and sportswear pants, men, women and kids can get their athletic shorts to work in style. Select from a myriad of colors, styles and cuts, including classic black and white or subtle embroidered stripes and prints, to allow athletes the freedom to express themselves. For a more corporate look, select some of the company’s pre-workout apparel brands, including Reebok and New Balance.