What is an Atletic Gymnast?


What is an Atletic Gymnast?

The sport of gymnastics was originated from ancient Greek and Roman Olympics, an event where competitors would climb poles to show off their skills in gymnastic. These athletic events are still widely celebrated in different countries around the world and have been practiced even since the ancient times. There are various competitions held in gymnastic all over the world, especially in Russia. Many people in the United States have taken up the sport of gymnastics as a recreational activity and compete in sanctioned meets. Some have even become professional gymnasts.

A full-time enrollment at an American Academy of Gymnastics (AAOG) is required before an individual can start training for atletic. However, it is not mandatory for gymnasts to enroll in such institutions. Joining the gymnastics academy opens many doors for a gymnast in the sports arena. If he or she has talent in the area of gymnastic then they should consider pursuing a career in gymnastics. A qualified gymnast can compete at the national level or at regional levels. To be considered for a place at the national or regional level one should be enrolled in an accredited gymnastics academy which would require a certification account.

A certification account shows the gymnast the different levels of competition and the technical skills required in the sport. In America there are many Junior Gyms that train a variety of children and adolescents for competitive gymnastic. However, these gyms are not recognized by the United States Olympic committee and cannot train athletes for competitive gymnastic.

Once an individual begins training in gymnastic they will need to obtain a certification. This certification shows that a gymnast has been formally trained but not formally competed in gymnastic. Each individual also needs to pass a written evaluation test in order to become a competitive gymnast. Competitors would then be placed in a division of their own liking and skill.

Atletic is an academy that is recognized as a leader in gymnastics education. The gym offers both private and group classes. Group classes consist of individuals who are in the same skill range; however, would be working on different aspects of gymnastics at the same time. Private classes are usually reserved for those who are serious about improving their skills and wanting to compete nationally or at regional levels.

As a gymnast you will begin with floor and ring exercises before advancing to freestyle, tuck, muscle bar and pole vault. Atletic would also provide specialized instruction for various sports that include basketball, tennis, golf and track. A gymnast can choose to specialize in any one of the many different sports that they wish to pursue. Once a gymnast becomes a world class player they can apply to become an Olympic team member.