Types of Soccer Shoes

Athletic footwear refers to the kind of shoes used in training for any sports activity. This footwear must be light-weight and comfortable for the player to enable effective performance while maintaining the body movement and balance. A variety of brands of footwear with the right features are available in the market. These include running shoes, casual shoes, training shoes, and athletic shoes.


Athletic footwear is a group of sports activities, which includes jumping, running, throwing, and even walking. The most popular forms of athletic activities performed by athletes are track and field, long-distance running, cross-country running, and volleyball. As compared to other shoes, these shoes tend to have a more elastic sole. The upper portion of the shoes usually has a Vibram rubber insert which offers extra grip. These shoes are designed to provide support, stability, traction, and durability. They are different from walking shoes, as they are designed to meet the needs of active individuals rather than the general use.

Athletic shoes are available in different designs to cater for an individual’s needs. Some of the atletic shoes of today feature a full length full grain leather upper. A heavier base is provided for added stability and durability. These shoes are also available in light-weight models to provide lightweight and easy maneuverability.

A more popular type of footwear is the training atletic which is specifically manufactured for professional athletes. These shoes are specifically designed to enhance the player’s performance in agility, endurance, and flexibility. The training footwear is usually made up of high quality leather and offer support and traction features. Training shoes can easily be found in various colors and sizes to suit the needs of all players.

Another popular brand of footwear for athletic activities is named Adidas. This brand of footwear was first introduced in 1970. Adidas is one of the most popular brands in Europe and the manufacturer of numerous athletic footwear. Adidas has a great line of footwear for training and performance with some of the highest quality standards in the industry.

As the demand for soccer shoes among athletes has increased, so has the number of manufacturers manufacturing different varieties of these shoes. Today, Adidas has more than 30 manufacturing plants all over the world. Adidas has also introduced several specialty lines of their own such as the Adizero XT and the originals. The company produces shoes for different sports including Track and Field, Swimming, Biking, aerobics, ball and soccer.