The Health Benefits of Having Sex – Make Your Life Feel Better


The Health Benefits of Having Sex – Make Your Life Feel Better

Having a good sex life is vital for not only your physical health, but your emotional well being too. It has been proven that having sex at least two times a week can lower your blood pressure and make you feel better in general. That makes sense right – but what if there was more sex in your sex life? How would that affect things?

You may have noticed a change in the frequency or better quality of your sex and how it makes you feel. Maybe your partner has gotten more affectionate and this is leading you to do the same. Not only that, sex can strengthen your relationship because it is such a bonding experience. It brings people closer together, which is important if you plan on ever starting a family.

Sex can actually help relieve tension in the relationship too. That’s not just a by product of having sex. It is caused by being more open and honest with one another and how you feel about one another. By opening up and talking about your problems you will feel better and not worry so much about being left alone or making a fool out of yourself.

Of course having more sex means you will also be having more fun too! This leads to another important point – sex doesn’t just stop at the bedroom! Most people have a misconception that sex is just between you and your spouse. Sure it is, but sex should include others too. It should be shared among the family, but it should also involve some fun among the friends too. Even masturbation has its place in a well-balanced sex life.

Having a great sex life might even lead to better physical health. That’s not just because of the release you get from sex, but also because it gives the body a better chance of fighting off disease. Some illnesses like diabetes can be made worse by a poor sex life. Also, it helps keep depression and other mental illnesses at bay. These are all good reasons to be having sex regularly.

If you haven’t had any sex in a while, don’t worry. Just go and have some tonight! You won’t regret it. It will feel better and improve your health too!

Finally, sex can help bring the two of you closer. It’s not just physical, but emotional as well. It brings you closer to each other’s hearts and minds. And that is always a good thing. Sex brings people closer and strengthens relationships.

So, give your sex life a boost. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. Your life is as healthy as you make it. Have fun and enjoy the benefits. Good sex definitely has a lot to offer!