Outdoor Sports Shoes From Atletic Footwear

If you have spent any time looking at shoes for athletic purposes, you may already have come across Atletic. The company started manufacturing shoes and sports apparel more than a century ago so you can be sure they have taken great pains to ensure you get the best possible fit. This article will look at some of their most popular products and identify what types of feet they are most suitable for.


The shoes Atletic offer are classified by the size of the foot. They categorise the feet into three sizes so if you have wide feet then you should look for shoes which are wide width Atletic shoes are also available for men and women with wide feet. They come in a variety of styles including sandals, hiking boots, runners and dressy casual wear.

The other category is the neutral category. These shoes tend to offer a little more support and cushioning than the Atletic sandals or hiking boots. You can choose from leather shoes, canvas shoes, or any combination of these. The materials used for making these shoes may vary from soft leather to canvas to rubber soles. This means that the shoes may offer more protection to your foot than some other brands of shoes.

The third category is aimed at the more severe outdoor sportsman. They offer heavier materials than normal shoes so you need to make sure that they are going to offer enough protection. Many varieties are available including leather uppers. They usually consist of reinforced leather uppers with canvas panels. Some models include deep rubber soles for additional protection.

One thing you should be aware of is that although Atletic offer durable sports shoes, they are not waterproof. In order to stay dry you will probably need to have a lining in them. Other things such as being overweight will mean that your feet will sweat. A good waterproof will allow your feet to breathe. So although they are designed for dry conditions they aren’t ideal for wet conditions.

If you want lightweight sports shoes you will probably have to go for the mesh version. These can still offer excellent protection as well as offering some flexibility. They are quite lightweight and so can easily be packed up. Another benefit of these type of shoes is that they tend to be much cheaper than the other types. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Atletic range then these shoes are worth a try.