Online Shopping – Staying Connected While You Are Shopping

The Internet is an international network of billions of electronic devices and computers. With the Internet you can access virtually any data, communicate with another person in the world, read or download any material, and do many more things. By connecting a personal computer to the Internet, which also is known as going online, you can do everything from surfing the web to booking a flight or a reservation at a hotel. But did you know that the Internet has so many more uses than just browsing the web?


One of the most interesting applications for the Internet is the ability to synchronize your data and documents between your online state and your local state or even different geographic locations. Imagine being able to take your business records, your digital camera photos, your contacts, your notes, and anything else that you want to be online and accessible from wherever you happen to be located. That is what local copies do, because they are capable of opening in various applications and using these applications. So by synchronizing your document and data with local copies, you are able to have two or more copies of any important material, ready at a moment’s notice.

Another exciting application for the Internet is being able to do work while you are offline. For instance, if you have any important paperwork you need to complete before a client meeting, but you are not connected to a computer network, then you will have to send the file to your local copy directly or come up with a reason why you shouldn’t send the file. If you are out of the country and can’t use your laptop or personal computer to make an online transaction, then what are you suppose to do? You certainly aren’t supposed to ignore an important document that you need to get back to them because you don’t have an internet connection, are you?

This is where remote access software comes into play. With this software, you can put the brakes on being disconnected from the Internet even if you are not physically connected. Your remote can be set up with a specific list of Internet services which are allowed to send you a request to send the file via direct control or through the email. Even when you are offline, your work can continue as normal, with no risk of incurring penalties because you were disconnected from the Internet.

So, what about online shopping? Can you order something online and then, once you are connected to the internet, change your mind and move it to another store? Obviously not – you would have to first go into the connected state, come back online, find out that you can’t place the order, and then send it again, this time through the regular mail. So, when you’re looking to order something off of an online site that is not local, you obviously want to remain connected to that site in order to make the purchase.

In this example, you are able to maintain a full, clear, and complete online shopping experience even when you’re not connected to the computer network that the website is using. And you do this without incurring penalties or fines. It is all done via direct control, through your IP address. Of course, when you’re shopping with a site that is local, there may be some limits to this direct control feature. But, for most sites, you’ll be fine provided that you follow the security settings and that you don’t send any viruses or other malware that will damage your machine.