New Age Fashion for Athletes

Athletic shoes are shoes that enable the player to move easily in various sports. It is therefore of utmost important to choose the right kind of footwear for a player. A typical piece of athletic footwear is an off-road, racing, or hiking boot. Other than this, there are other categories of footwear that include casual, low-end, and high-end footwear. Athletic footwear can also be categorized as soccer footwear, football footwear, and volleyball footwear among many others.


Athletic footwear from AC Milan is an example of designer footwear that is not necessarily meant for the professional football players but includes the more popular football players. The brand offers a whole range of football boots, both in off-road and low-end designs. Most of these boots are manufactured in the United States of America. Another Italian manufacturer of football equipment is the Atletic. This brand also offers football footwear. These products are distributed throughout Europe by Atletic International, though the main distribution center is in the United Kingdom.

AC Milan is one of the most popular international brands of football equipment in Italy. This Italian brand not only caters to the professional players but also to the up and coming young players. This Italian manufacturer was established in 1992 with the sole intention of manufacturing the best quality football equipment. The football equipment produced by AC Milan is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the customers across the world. Apart from the traditional football boots that include the toe picks and laces, Atletic has developed technologically advanced footwear for the modern day player.

The first team shoe endorsed by Atletic is the Atletic Lotto Cup Winner. The Atletic Lezama JAZZ is designed in such a way that it provides maximum comfort to the wearer. The latest trend being followed by the football players across the world is wearing the Atletic lezama jeans and the Atletic jazzy jersey among other items.

The Atletic brand has not only confined its focus on football but has also developed sportswear for the ladies in different shades, styles and designs. The Atletic Cantera has been especially designed for women players to make them look smart and sporty. The women’s fashp dress uniform has the Atletic Cantera shirt featuring the famous zigzag pattern and a short knee length skirt. The fashp dresses by the brand come in different shades such as white, red, pink and black among many others.

The fashp outfits by Atletic are very popular among the women players of the Bilbao Wanderers Football Club. The club has won the last two league titles as well as the UEFA Cup, which is the highest club level soccer competition. The club plays its home matches at the San Siro stadium where it is regarded as the jewel of Europe. The fans of the club are considered to be the most passionate and enthusiastic fans in Europe with almost a quarter of a million people having attended all the games during the recent season.