My Article On Athletic Bilbao Ghent


My Article On Athletic Bilbao Ghent

Atletic are one of the leading clubs in the Spain football group. This is because they have a rich tradition and a number of high profile international players have represented the club. The major strength of Atletic however is their ability to build a team that is capable of competing with the best of them in any competition they participate in. This article will highlight some of the key features of this great club.

A major strength of Atletic is that they do not spend much money on transfers and they still manage to attract very good players from all over the continent. Former player Jos van Gogh became a great fan of the club and even managed to get an apartment at the Camp Nou. Another important player who spent time at Atletic before moving to Ajax was Ronaldo. The current Portugal star managed to get an amazing 24 year contract from the club.

In the recent years Atletic has lost some of its fans. This is perhaps due to the transfer window issues that the club had, but other factors also come into play. The lack of a European tournament for several years hurt their chances of building a successful team and the general lack of youth players in the country has also meant that many youngsters prefer to play abroad. Nevertheless, this has all changed recently with the introduction of a new stadium and a new training stadium at the club’s new home of the ‘Cantera’.

For those who are more interested in European football, then Atletic is definitely a top destination. They have a number of high profile European players such as Garbutt, Nolito, Figuereira and Vitoria Guimarda. However, the club has never reached the European finals and they have only qualified once, when they were invited to join the Intertoto Cup. Regardless of this shortcoming, Atletic continue to compete in the Spanish second division, where they sit in third behind Real Madrid and Barcelona. In fact, the club are just two points behind the leading Madriders and are very close to clinching a place in the top flight.

As a club, Atletic are linked to several leading football teams in the world. Their facilities are world class and they regularly hold games in prestigious venues such as the Olympic Stadium in Madrid. The club has also held numerous exhibitions all over Spain and the rest of the world, including such prestigious venues as the Los Angeles Sports Arena. As a main article of Bilbao Ghent news, I would like to give a special mention to the club’s academy.

If you are looking for a club where you can learn a lot about playing football from experienced players and knowledgeable members, then the Athletic Club is the ideal place for you to be. The club currently has six registered players and the club has plans to register more players in the near future. If you live in or around Bilbao, then don’t miss out on one of the most exciting football stories from Bilbao Ghent. I hope that this main article has given you some food for thought as far as Atletic goes.