Mahjong Games

Dominoes is a family of domino-related games, also called domino tiles. Each domino is usually a square tile with a flat, rectangular surface dividing it into two square sides. The flat surface is covered with a contrasting colored domino tile, and the domino pieces all share the same pattern on the flat surface. Each side of the board is blank or marked with numbers of either black, red, or green, which identifies the orientation of the game.


Dominoes can be played with two, four, eight, or twelve players. Two-sided games are most popular, and usually divided into two teams of four domino tiles, two tiles in each team. Four-sided games are more common, and often divided into pairs of two tiles at random. Eight-sided games require two teams of eight, and are usually played in intervals of 4 rotations. Most commonly played with two people, it is not recommended for groups playing more than ten players because it is easy to get confused with the scoring system.

Domino sets, including Chinese domino sets, have evolved over the years to include a variety of interesting designs and tiles. Traditional Chinese dominoes feature animals, birds, flowers, and geisha, while modern domino sets often feature geisha, celebrities, and patriotic symbols. Mahjong, a classic game of luck and chance that involves obtaining matching pairs of tiles from the matched pairs on the domino table by following the layout of the traditional Chinese nine-sided hexagonal table, has added Mahjong tiles to many popular domino sets, making them more popular with fans of the game.