Golf Balls – The History and Growth of Ball Play


Golf Balls – The History and Growth of Ball Play

A ball is simply a round shaped object with different purposes. It’s used in many ball games, wherein the whole game of the ball follows the dynamics of the ball as it’s gently hit, thrown or kicked. Balls can also be employed for easier activities, like juggling or catching. If you don’t know much about this popular game, just take note that it can also be played with two or more people.

The first balls (the flat-shaped ones) are usually thrown or caught by most people. While these types of balls have little rolling mass, they’re harder to handle than other kinds of balls. They’re mostly played with in schools, or indoor sports like soccer and lacrosse. They’re mostly available in sizes of seven ounces to eighteen ounces, depending on the thickness of its shell.

The second kind of ball we’ll talk about today are the ball bearings. They’re a little bit bigger than the flat-shaped balls, weighing about two to five ounces. They’re commonly used for things like shooting and batting. Ball bearings usually come in sizes of eighteen to twenty-two inches in diameter, although there are some versions being sold in diameter sizes as large as twenty-eight inches.

Now, the next topic we’d like to discuss here are the ball bearings and their sizes. Bearings refer to the spindles underneath a spherical object, such as the ball. Spherical objects include but are not limited to, balls, marbles, and other spheres. Spherical objects move because of centrifugal force. And while balls roll normally on flat ground, balls with air-filled tires experience what is known as “air drag”, which slows down their motion.

This is why you’ll often see golfers using sand traps and cuttings made from hollow balls (hence the term “putting putt”). If you’ve ever watched a professional golfer, you’ll notice that he often uses a small ball made of foam, or polystyrene pellets. These balls are ideal for helping players achieve more lateral control – a vital trait to mastering golf’s most difficult course layouts, like those found on the professionally-designed PGA tour. Many newer golf courses are also using a new generation of technologically-advanced putter balls made out of ultra-light materials, called micro-balls. The balls are even being used by some high-level bowlers who prefer to hit balls made of soft materials (hence the term “floating ball”).

Now, when it comes to ball play itself, there are many different styles of play. Golf is an ever-changing game, and over the years, balls have been made in various sizes, colors, and designs. For example, during the early days of golf, the only type of ball used by many professionals was what is known as the “round ball”, which is basically a standard pool ball. However, over time, the golf industry has experienced a huge growth, and now professional golfers often use what are known as “power” or “game” balls.