Game Resources – Domino Tiles

Dominoes is a set of tile-based games, also called dominoes, played with domino tiles. Each domino is usually a flat rectangular tile with either a straight line separating its face from the rest of its square end to two straight sides. Each end of each domino is either blank or marked with numbers of playing pieces. The goal of domino play is for all playing pieces in each player’s Domino City to get to the square at the far end of the board by having played their assigned number of domino tiles.

Domino tiles are available in different sizes and playing capabilities. They come in sets of five, ten and twenty dominoes, with each set containing varying combinations of dominoes of each different size and shape. These sets are commonly referred to as “mini packs” or “mini stacks”. There are also single-player domino games where each player controls a single domino and the playing pieces are typically smaller.

Domino tiles are an ideal tile to use in games that have a large array of movement, but tend to slow down the game play. Dominoes are ideal for using in games where players need to spread out to take advantage of multiple routes around a board, such as the classic game of Monopoly. Domino tiles can be used to create a unique playing environment where players can take turns playing with dominoes, and where they have the freedom to stop playing when they hit the bottom of the dominoes. Using tiles of domino design allows players to create an interesting game with many potential strategies.