Gambling Venues

A casino (sometimes referred to as a “cca”) is typically a place where individuals play games of luck for cash. Historically, the word applies only to Atlantic City, New Jersey; however, it has recently been extended to cover gambling venues of almost all kinds in most all U.S. states. In some respects, the recent expansion of the casino industry parallels the rise of “party” casino gambling. Casinos began as sites for solitary, luck-driven gambling activities. Today, they are destinations for party getaways, corporate events, stag parties, birthday celebrations, fundraisers, weddings and other social gatherings.


A casino can be divided up into several categories. There are Las Vegas casinos, which are located in the Las Vegas Strip. They are the most well-known, and also the most expensive ones. The two names generally apply to any gambling venue that offers card or casino games on any given day of the week. Sports books offer a variety of games, such as soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis. Internet casinos offer video poker, roulette and bingo.

Some gambling venues are open every day, while others are only open for a few hours on certain days of the week. Party and wedding gambling are examples of casino gambling that occurs on a daily basis. Online casino gambling occurs when players log on to specific websites that offer card, board, slot machines and video poker games. Most Internet casinos are fully automated, and therefore, do not require the presence of gamblers in order to process payments. Casinos that offer gambling opportunities beyond what can be found at an actual casino are referred to as full-service casinos.