Facts About Dominoes

A domino is a rectangular tile marked with number of spots at each end. When a domino is placed on its face, the square ends are marked with a spot on each end, dividing it into two squares. This game is a member of the tile-based family of games. Here are a few facts about dominoes: devinos have square faces, and each end has one or two squares on it.


The word domino is unrelated to the number two. It was originally used to describe a hooded masquerade mask. In the nineteenth century, the name grew to refer to a hooded monastic robe. Later, the word became associated with the Spanish and Portuguese language, and was used to describe the masked figure. Today, it is a common game among all nations. This means that there are many variations of the game.

It can be made from plastic, bone, or wood. The game is played by placing one tile after another and aiming for a certain number of points. A domino may be either double-blank or single-blank. Depending on the type, the dice are flipped after each turn. It can be played as a game with two players or up to eight players. This is a good option for those who want to try the game, but it might not be suitable for you.