Dominoes – A Classic Game That Is Still Reaching Out To New Generations Of Gamers

Dominoes are a family of multi-game tile-based strategy games played using small modular tiles, often referred to as domino sets. Each domino consists of a square tile with a center line dividing it into two perpendicular square sides. Each side is normally either blank or marked with a series of black numbers. These numbers can be used to indicate the location of each card in the sequence, and can be mixed up to create interesting situations when these cards are revealed. Dominoes have been popular for at least the last few decades, originating from the toy industry and popularizing in casinos in the 1970s. Dominoes continue to enjoy a high level of popularity in the world of strategy games, although they have now experienced a decline in recent years as online gambling platforms have replaced live casinos.


Dominoes are played on a table covered with thick cardboard, usually hand-drawn at the factory and glued onto the wooden boards themselves. Some sets consist of many small (usually single-ply) domino pieces such as cherries or coins, which can then be inserted into slots that have already been drilled into the cardboard. Slots are metal domino pieces inserted into corresponding holes on the cardboard. A player contributes matching plastic domino pieces to his/her own slot, and the slot is then turned over and covered with more plastic domino pieces to make the board ready for play. Players take turns playing with the same deck of domino tiles and only lose the game if all of the domino pieces have been toppled.

Dominoes are best played with at least two players, with each player taking turns choosing a tile to place his/her finger in and move the finger through the hole in the board. The first player to remove all of the domino strands from their board by choosing a single tile and moving it to one end of the chain, or to the other end of the chain, is the winner. Each player adds up all of the pairs of tiles that he/she moves, adding them together (including any pairs that were removed) and determining who has the highest score. The winner is the player with the highest cumulative score. Dominoes are an old classic that are still a favorite with today’s younger generations of players, and they provide an opportunity to learn something new while having fun.