Domino Tiles

Dominoes is an ever family of popular tile-based trivia games played also with domino tiles, also known as domino tiles. Each domino is usually a square white tile with a flat line dividing it into at least two equally sized square ends. Each end is either marked with an asterisk or is blank.


The name domino comes from the Italian word which means “bone” and in reference to playing the game. Dominoes are played by laying out a regular playing board with regular playing cards and then lay a domino on top of the playing cards. You must then choose a domino that you believe will serve you best. If you are playing a traditional four-suit game you can try to use three, four or five domino sets in a set but in the case of the five-suit domino, you’ll need to use all five sets. One way of winning is by choosing a domino set which is missing a bone and paying for that bone (since there are no bones in the traditional game of domino, you can’t purchase one).

There are a lot of domino sets available, but the simplest are just four players – two each playing a separate turn and two empty tiles on the table to be discarded simultaneously. When a player takes an action (buy a domino, take an action) they must either throw the tile they were occupying or stop playing. Once all of the domino tiles have been discarded, the remaining tiles are then turned over and reshuffled so that each player has a new turn. The domino game is won by whichever player rolled the biggest domino face and this is referred to as the domino rule.