Domino Tile Facts

Dominoes is an ever-evolving family of tile-related games often referred to as domino tiles. Each domino (a 6-sided tile) is usually a flat rectangular tile having a short line separating its two square ends. Each end of each is either blank or marked with numbers of different colored spots.


The reason for the name domino in the game may be due to the domino effect, this type of tile has on the playing surface. A domino sets the tiles in place and can be moved using the moves typical of a solitaire game. It’s not uncommon for domino sets to have multiple pieces that are not traditional solitaire pieces. For example, a domino set may feature five diamonds, three jacks, a four-door jamb, and a single pumpkin or potato.

In many versions of the game, the winning pattern involves a jackpot that doubles itself every time someone plays a domino and wins. Domino sets may also feature double-six domino tiles, and double-six pips as the pattern. Domino sets are available in a variety of styles, including classic ivory and black marble. Domino tiles can also be found in porcelain, which features a glossy yet matte finish and an array of unique colors and patterns.