Domino Games – How to Play Better Domino Games

Dominoes is an evergreen family of multi-game tile-based games usually played with plastic dominoes, also called domino sets. Each domino is simply a square, rectangular tile with a straight line dividing it into two rectangular ends. Each side is either marked with numbers or is completely blank. The object of the game is to knock all the dominoes over from the bottom to the other by fulfilling a pattern of connecting squares. It’s easy enough to think about – and easy enough to remember – but it’s quite another thing to try and do consistently and you will quickly find yourself having a hard time with Dominoes.


The reason that you will have a hard time with Dominoes (and I know I did) is mainly because many people play Dominoes without any pattern in which to start. So a player sees the first domino and assumes that all the others are like it and therefore begins flipping through the deck looking for the “perfect” square. Unfortunately for them, it’s really just the domino that’s perfect – the remaining squares are usually pretty poor quality plastic pieces that don’t connect together correctly to create a solid domino shape. This makes it relatively simple to smash each piece into another, but as soon as you want to stop you won’t be able to reconstruct a proper shape. If you want to win consistently, you need to incorporate a set of rules which forces you to think a little bit harder about the shape each domino can make, and what pieces are required to construct the strongest shape.

The best way around this problem (because I’ve seen it so many times when I’ve played Dominoes with no pattern – which happens fairly often) is to incorporate a method of picking out doubles that, if implemented correctly, will allow you to play Dominoes reliably every time. For example, I have found that if you follow my rules for generating a solid shape on a disc, then you can get a reasonably decent layout (though it may still depend on luck a bit). By implementing a method of picking out doubles that requires some thought behind the choices you make, you’ll be able to play consistently and win more games than you might otherwise.