Domino Games

Domino is part of a family of board games, also called tile-based games. Each domino is a square tile with a flat, somewhat raised edge separating its four square ends from each other. All the squares are numbered one to nine and they are colored white, red, black, green, ivory, cream and yellow. Each square is either blank or has a number of small, silver coins attached to it. Coin values vary according to manufacturer, but they all have the same function in the game.

Dominoes are simple to learn and play and have a high standard of play compared to other variations of the game. There are many different playing strategies that players can use to make the game more fun and competitive. Some players play domino games just for fun, attempting to guess the number of domino pairs by flipping cards or looking at the domino combinations on the domino grid. Other players play the game strictly for scoring points, attempting to get as many pairs, rows, or columns out of the deck as possible.

When playing a domino, each player receives five domino pieces, and then places these dominoes in front of them on the playing area. The objective of the game is for each player to make as many pairs, columns, and rows as possible while using the fewest possible spots. If the dominoes fall off the playing table due to knock-outs or folding, all remaining pieces will stay on.