Domino Games

Domino is a popular family of game-based tiles, most commonly referred to as domino tiles. Each domino is basically a square tile with a flat line dividing it into at least two square faces. The flat bottom square edge is usually not decorated. Each side of each face is either marked with numbers or is blank.


Dominoes can be played with four players using a dedicated game board, or by using a regular table with four empty bowls on which the tiles are spread out. In a dedicated game of domino, each player receives five dominoes, and may place any number of them on any of their bowls. Dominoes must be played within a time limit; after all the tiles have been placed, the time for the last domino to be played will countdown from one to twenty-one. When the last domino has been discarded, the game ends and is over. Dominoes, once laid are unable to be moved, but can be flipped over making them equal in size and shape to their original position. When this happens, they may be reshaped using the available space on the tabletop, and a new round begins.

domino tiles are laid from the base tile down, starting from one end and working up to the other end, following the regular tile edges. The tiles are placed into an available space, either on top of another domino or directly on top of a vacant bowl. When all the domino tiles have been laid out, the game is completed and a new roll begins.