Domino Games

Dominoes is an family of unique tile-based games usually played with wooden playing pieces, also called domino tiles. Each domino is simply a flat rectangular tile with a square edge separating its two square ends. All the squares are either marked with number of starting spaces or is completely blank. The object of the game is to Domino the other player’s Domino tile and bring it to your side (following the game rules) by matching the number and colors of the vertical and horizontal placements.


Dominoes are divided in to two distinct categories. The first category is that of the “double-six set” which has sixty-four dominoes, and the second category is the “standard” domino which only has fifty-eight tiles. Dominoes are normally played with two to four players at a time, but can be played with as few as two players if desired. Many domino games are now being played in casinos and online as betting games.

Dominoes are played in rounds, with each player taking turns receiving two cards from the dealer and then choosing a single color or group of colors from their own two cards to place in the center of the play area and another card for each of their opponent’s dominoes to place on their dominoes. A player will be assigned a specific number of “tiles”, depending on the number of players, and once all the tiles are placed in the center, the game is over and the player with the most pairs wins. There are a total of thirteen tiles in a round; the remaining tiles are considered reserve tiles, and only seven are used for play. The reserve tiles are never used during a round of play, and the player who has the most pairs at the end of the game wins.