Does Oral Sex Feel Good? Or Do You Need to Be With a Partner For It to Feel Good

“sex” often seems to be used as a single term, regardless of its actual definition. Sex is not only vaginal sex. Sex is about everything that feels good. The way YOU decide to define sex can be a moving target throughout your teen years.


In order to understand your sexual response cycle you need to understand how masturbation works. There are two stages of masturbation, erection and ejaculation. Erection happens before sexual response cycle begins. Masturbation or self-stimulation is when you consciously engage in sexual activity, while masturbating can happen anytime and anywhere.

During the course of the male sexual response cycle there are two primary stages: the stimulation stage and the orgasm. In order for the penis to begin stroking the vagina the g-spot is stimulated. This can be done in several different ways. For example, using a finger or a palm to rub the area near the front wall of the vagina can cause some stimulation. A sex toy can also be used, or for a more g-spot oriented experience, a finger or a vibrator placed at the base of the penis can also cause a great deal of stimulation.

After the g-spot has been touched a woman’s vagina begins to respond to other sexual stimuli. In this case it is the clitoris. The clitoris is a small, sensitive bump on the upper vagina that responds to sexual stimulation in many different ways. It can feel good, it can send out erotic vibrations, and it can be stimulated in a number of different ways.

Different people have different sensations and responses to their clitoris. Some women may find that gently massaging the clitoris can give them a powerful orgasm. It may also be a good idea to experiment with pleasuring yourself by running your fingers over and around the clitoris. This can help you determine what kind of sexual response cycle you are going through.

Finally, many women find that oral sex can help them climax even if they do not feel as sexually aroused as they would if sex just had happened to them. A man can use oral sex to not only stimulate you but to also teach you how to make love to another person. You can learn how to pleasure yourself with oral sex by watching your favorite adult movie. If you feel that you would like to give a more intense sexual experience, then it might just be something that you are interested in trying.