Disadvantages of Online Education


Disadvantages of Online Education

Every day I read a new story about an employee or executive who is willing to work from home and for free. It amazes me how many people are doing this! There is so much information on the Internet that can be found at almost instantaneously. In order to use it, you must have an Internet Service Provider, or ISP. And I get so frustrated when I have to pay extra fees for things like DSL or cable Internet, just to download a page of information.

Technology Fee: Technology fee is one of the biggest reasons that people are hesitant about online education. The big city public libraries are now online. And most of their online courses are free. Unfortunately he doesn’t love to participate in online forums. Recent casualties in this area include: YouTube, WordPress, MySpace and Wikipedia.

Schooling fee: Most schools charge high costs for online learning, mostly because they want to retain the current student body. Many students transfer from public or private school to go to a university or college that charges more tuition fees. Online courses can be cheaper than their counterparts. If this is an option that your child is interested in, do your research carefully, as there are many scams out there and not all online courses are free.

Tuition and other fees: The cost of online courses vary greatly from one school to another. Some schools may require you to have a specific set of course materials while others may not. Some schools may need you to have a certain amount of credits, while others offer a wide range of options. In some instances, a set of course materials may be required, while at other schools, a large variety of materials are available.

Credit Cost: Many colleges and universities now offer financial aid to online learners. Other schools may charge tuition for every individual class or unit. Some colleges and universities now offer student loans to online learners. These loans usually have very low interest rates and require no repayment. This makes online learning an attractive option for many who otherwise may not have been able to afford such an education. In addition, credit counselors at these schools can help students determine if online learning is a good choice for them.

Disadvantages of Distance Learning: There are several disadvantages of distance learning. Most notably is the difficulty of keeping up with course materials and assignments due to time constraints. Also, since you won’t see your instructors in person, there is a lack of real-life interaction. There is also a lack of specialized or technical training on specialized subjects, like English.