Atletic Romanian Wrestling Association

Atletic is a Romania’s most famous professional wrestling club. They are based in Transylvania and they have been in existence since 1965. This company is also known as the “MRT”. The current head of Atletic, Ion Dimitroffa is a former wrestler and now a wrestler himself. He has managed to change the way wrestling is taught in Romania.

In their early days Atletic was known for being a top club in the region. It won the first ever European wrestling tournament in its history, the “ICC Romania Wrestling Championships” in 1979. Over the years the company has grown significantly and they have become a household name within the wrestling community in the country. The club even managed to gain enough popularity to gain a place in the Olympic Games four times. These Olympics gave them a chance to represent Romania in the Games for the first time.

The Atec Romanian wrestling association is the governing body of Atletic. There are many notable members of the Atec board including Ion Dimitroffa, adviser to the Imperator, Romanian President, Trajan Popoviciu, adviser to the MRT, ex-wife of former heavyweight champion,odor Mikailan, and ex-fighter, Markos Savulescu. The entire club has a long standing tradition of fair play. Competitors are assessed on their skill, physical strength, and agility before they are allowed to wrestle. After wrestling there is cleanliness test, and all wrestlers must take a cleanse before every match.

The international community has recognized the efforts of Atletic Romania to set up a national team. Many wrestling fans from the United States, Great Britain, Russia, and Canada have travelled to Romania to cheer for the Romanian athletes. The Romanian wrestling team placed third at the 2021 Olympics in London, which marked the first time that a former Cold War battleground country had earned a spot at the Olympics. Since then the Romanian wrestling team has consistently finished at the highest level at the Pan American Games and the European Games. This has helped solidify the sport as one of the major sports in Romania.

Many Americans who were either not able to make it to Romania or did not manage to get a visa to enter the country due to the size of their family soon formed the “Rucambul Supremo” or the Romanian National Football Team. The Rucambul Supremo has won the last five consecutive Romania wrestling championships, including the current worlds. The current U.S. coach is Shawn Kovacich.

The Atletic Romanian Wrestling Association has successfully secured funding to build a state of the art wrestling facility in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. The main stadium will consist of a 100 meter running track, with a rectangular area in which to do drills and have events held. The majority of the wrestling training will take place on the weekends. As the organization continues to grow, the possibility of having professional wrestling matches between international teams may be more of a reality than a possibility at this time.