Apt for All Marketers

When it comes to online marketing, one important tool is the Atletic Search Engine Optimization. This helps you gain a wider base for your keywords in a short period of time. Popular hashtags pertaining to your industry are determined by the number of articles which have been created within a specific hash tag. The most relevant hashtags for you would obviously be different from the most relevant ones for everybody else. Hence, make use of Atletic SEO and search for keywords that are most relevant to your business needs and aims.


As mentioned above, there are two types of users who can gain access to this service; namely, institutional users and individual users. By using Atletic SEO, both small and large businesses can reach out to a greater audience. For larger organizations, it makes complete sense to invest in an inlet certification account which can be hosted by Atletic. Smaller businesses, however, may prefer to start their own atletic certification account so that they can gain full control over their atletic accounts and search campaign at a later stage.

As per Atletic’s SEO certification process, they do not offer mass certification to its clients. They offer a limited number of search engine optimization certifications to individuals for whom they believe that they will need it in the future. In other words, they provide search engine optimization certification only to those who are actually interested in pursuing a career in atletic search engine optimization. You need to be interested in studying search engine optimization in order to take up Atletic SEO certification as this is the only way to become certified. So how does Atletic help you get started?

First and foremost, Atletic helps you analyze the keywords you intend to use for your website or blog. This step is especially important as search engines look for keyword density. If the keyword density is too high on your page, it can make your site appear higher on Google, which in turn can lead to better search engine rankings. So what does Atletic do to help you analyze keyword density? Well, they have developed their own proprietary software, which uses a special type of algorithm to analyze your keywords and display the keyword density in various ways.

The results from the analysis are displayed in different formats such as a pie chart. A binomial tree diagram is also displayed. This shows the relationship between keywords used in your content and a number of factors such as page rank and meta tags. The Atletic website even offers a free keyword analyzer, which is based on the Wordtracker tool. The software also includes a free demo, which allows you to explore the features. So, what are you waiting for?

Atletic does not charge any fees for their certification. However, they do offer some promotional incentives. Some of these include free website design templates, eBooks and training materials. Their goal is to ensure that all potential internet marketers are properly educated and equipped with the knowledge they need to be successful online.