Advantages of Online Learning

Online, from a general perspective, means being accessible through the Internet, whether it is physically present at the site or not. In more recent times, the word online has also come to mean electronically connected via the Internet. For businesses, being available over the Internet is essential for their smooth operations. Keeping customers and their concerns in mind, online stores offer all kinds of products and services. They can be accessed through the Internet from any place where there is access to a computer. The most popular form of online shopping, e-commerce, sees hundreds of thousands of products traded online each day.


In either online learning or offline browsing, information and data are retrieved from a remote site via the World Wide Web. With either online learning or offline browsing, the data either needs to be downloaded onto a local hard drive or directly viewed on a computer. Without an appropriate internet connection, either online learning or offline browsing cannot be done. However, with an appropriate internet connection, online learning or offline browsing can be done.

There are two major advantages of either online or offline learning. The first major advantage is convenience. Whether you’re sitting at home, at work, in the library or anywhere in between, you can easily take part in an online course or even take part in offline reading sessions. No matter where you are, you have instant access to whatever information you want.

Secondly, with online classes or online courses, you don’t have to worry about the location. Offline classes have to be held at a time when the teacher and students are available. This might often mean that the classes, once started, aren’t completed unless the student is at the location where the class is taking place or has access to the Internet on his or her laptop.

With online courses, there is usually a time schedule for when the material will be presented. You can take online learning during your lunch hour, when you have free time and no other obligations, or study at night after you’ve had dinner. You can also study on your own time and at your own pace. As long as you can keep up with the assignments and can pay attention during lecture, you will most likely succeed in taking online classes and in getting the college credits you need. With offline classes, success is less certain because of the time factor.

Another advantage of either online classes or offline learning is flexibility. In an online course, the instructor is more likely to stay on track with the intended direction of the course because the course is being taught from the student’s point of view. For an offline course, the instructor may have moved on to greener pastures, making it difficult to follow along and stay on track with the objectives of the course. With online courses, it is easy to go back and review any part that you feel needs reviewing. Offline courses are often more difficult to study because there is no one to check your work.